Your Success Starts Here

This is a rebroadcast of the Amazing Mind Power Success Webinar.  You will make important changes DURING this Webinar.  If you are interested, you may join us in our new program.  After you register, Sandra will manually enter you in the correct program.

Level One: Mindpower Financial Success – Just $97

Level Two: Automatic Mind Power – Just $147

Level Three: Claiming Your Success (The Ultimate) – Just $297

If you have any questions you may call Sandra at 561-395-7400.  A lot of people are asking “What is the guarantee with this program?” The answer is simple: You are the guarantee.  You do the program and you will change. There are no refunds after you enter the program.

The feedback on the program is the best I have ever received. But if you are looking to stick your toe in the water, it’s not for you.

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3 Responses to Your Success Starts Here

  1. alain noel says:

    I have attempted to join the level 2 auto mindpower prog this morning. Paypal gives me an error message for my address in Canada. Any other way I can join the program? I hate Paypal and I want to pay using my visa credit card.
    Best Regards

  2. PAUL FRANKO says:

    I signed up for level 3 and it was charged to my credit card but no one has contracted me about when the course starts.

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